Positive thinking affects your chakras

*Image source Andy Tyler

Positive thinking is extremely important to well being, meaning health and energy. This Health and Energy website would not be complete without bringing this up.

I have written more than one article on this subject. Think about it now, “Something wonderful is happening to me now.” That thought alone creates a vibration within your system, which vibrates out attracting to you something wonderful.

Our attitude and energy are totally powered by it. Positive thinking starts with the words we tell ourselves. Those words begin to form thoughts of the past and future to reinforce the words we are telling our self. Our body language, such as slumping, frowning, or smiling, affects us. Now this affects your body language. Unbelievable, however you know yourself it is true.

Want to stay young, want to be healthy, want to attract friends? Then change your negative thinking to positive thinking. Watch your life change in so many ways it will blow your mind.

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There is a saying, bad things happen to good people. Of course the ups and downs of life happen to us all. When something that appears bad to you happens, change it immediately. Well, as soon as you are able to regain your footing and know something wonderful is now happening to you. Then the rebound will be a blessing.

When our home burnt a few years ago it was horrible, so I am not discounting tragedy or disasters. Not at all, you will gain strength from these happenings by beginning to think how you can take your experience and help others.

Where to start? Start where you are now. Look around and find things you can give thanks for in your life. Find three things to begin with. Look at those three things and realize you can build on those.

Many times we let our minds soar into the future and for me I can think things like, “I am getting older, what will happen to me?” Stop that thinking immediately and replace that thought with, “Something wonderful is happening to me now. Since something wonderful is happening to me now the future holds good for me.”

Keeping an open mind and move forward with more creative thinking. As we get older we begin to find our self worth inside instead of out in the world. Anyone seeking approval in the world will never receive it in the way they want.

Seeking approval and changing and evolving into a more positive being will create a new and improved life and your self worth will soar.

We were built to succeed. The human race is growing and aging. This time in life, especially if you are older, is great to learn new and creative ways of growth.

Shake off the dust and move forward. Science is now proving the brain actually changes itself into a more vital organ, by building new brain cells. Neuroplasticity happens with learning new things, especially in later life. Again science is proving we can generate new brain cells and new connections between the brain cells.

If you are young great, if your age is up in the years this is also great. There are a lot new books coming on the market with more thoughts on this and showing that being positive can improve your vitality/ energy level. This means improved health and energy.

The one image on this page sourced via Flickr by Andy-Tyler-sunshine-coast