Carnelian meaning has special powers

Carnelian is believed to have special powers if a Virgo wears it. It must be worn on the hand.

Birthstone: one of the accepted for August

Chakra it is related to is the sacrum chakra, the 2nd chakra and sacral plexus. Chakra stones can help you balance your energies.

Carnelian color: Brownish orange variety of quartz; translucent to opaque stone.; often found in antique jewelry and lends itself to engraving or carving, especially found in cameos.

Manually changing gemstone color

Heat-treating is often used to enhance a stone’s color and is not a fraudulent practice. Carnelian is often heat treated routinely to produce color.

Dyed stones is another story, it is often use to fake a Carnelian gemstone.

Carnelian – chalcedony dyed reddish brown

Dyed gems should always cost less than natural gems.

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Carnelian is the stone for you

Carnelian is the stone for you if you are timid. This stone is a recommendation to those with a weak voice or are timid. The color of the stone will give you the courage to boldly speak. This is according to G.F Kuntz, who was a gemologist and historian.

Carnelian meaning for others | history and the Carnelian gemstone

Mohammed himself wore a silver ring with a Carnelian engraved for a seal, causing the stone to be revered by Moslems. Napoleon I, off an Egyptian battlefield picked up a Carnelian gemstone, which was engraved, “The Slave Abraham relying upon the Merciful (God). He always wore it an left it to someone in his family.
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Tips when buying a Carnelian gemstone

 Color of the gemstone is the most important consideration even above chips or flaws. You want evenness in color. Look straight down through the stone from the back. Be sure and check the stone in different kinds of light. Check the stone in the light you will be wearing it in, especially if you plan to wear it at night. Make sure the stone is mounted for wearability.

Mystery or Magic – the meaning of Carnelian gemstone

Because of the power associated with gemstones they can be worn and used as talis mans, amulets, as well as, therapeutic aids. They have been elements in many religious practices.  This gemstone to love for its beauty. This is one of the colored gems thought to possess magical powers and endow the wearer with certain qualities. This ring has been revered for centuries. Being worn by many famous and powerful people. The Romans believed in the power of gemstones and often worn gemstones on every finger. Many dignitaries used it for their seal. Egyptians used it as a sacred stone. Many past civilizations believed the redder the stone the more healing it was able to produce. Some believe the Carnelian helps with headaches.

Go to a local jewelry store and look at one to see if this is the stone for you. As with many gemstones until you put one on you can not be sure.

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